A New Crime and Discussion Group is Formed on Facebook

A new ‘Crime and Discussion in Vicksburg’ group has been formed on Facebook.  It is called ‘Vicksburg Crime and Discussion Rejects’.  The page was founded by Casey Middleton and Cambria Frantz.  Frantz said they decided to found the page because of what she feels is harsh moderation in a similarly named group on Facebook.


Frantz says the new group “will be for discussing crime and other happenings in our community.  There is so much drama and negativity on Facebook.  We want our group to get the news everyone wants without the hassle.  It was just time for someone to stand up.  They may have a few thousand members now but we feel everyone on that page wants to stay in touch but doesn’t want to deal with the mean people.”

The new page can be found by clicking these colored letters.