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19-year-old business owner, Aniya Jones, helps locals improve health by opening Vicksburg Nutrition shake and tea shop



Aniya Jones, owner of Vicksburg Nutrition (photos used with permission)

Aniya Jones is just 19 years old but runs a nutritional shake business that is aimed towards helping people in Vicksburg get healthy.

Jones offers a variety of tasty health shakes and teas.

Vicksburg Nutrition is a business that sells loaded teas and decadent meal replacement shakes. The shakes and teas are supplemented with vitamins that assist with immunity boosting and improving one’s health. Jones also sells shakes that aide in weight loss, weight gain and other dietary needs. The specialty drinks are made using Herbalife products and sugar free syrups. They are created to look like colorful mocktails and taste like rich deserts. There are a variety of flavors to choose from and the list keeps growing.

According to her business page, just one shake has “as much protein as 4 large eggs, as much Vitamin C as 2 small peaches, as much Vitamin E as 25 whole almonds, as much Fiber as 1 small apple, as much Calcium as 1 1/2 c of cottage cheese, as much Vitamin A as 1/3 c of broccoli, and as much sugar as half a medium banana.”

The list of available drinks continues to grow.

Jones opened Vicksburg Nutrition as a sister business to the shake and tea shop that her mom owns in Natchez, Sweet River Nutrition. The business was doing so well, Jones and her mother, Nongula Bernard, decided to evolve and seek out another location. “My mom has owned and run Sweet River Nutrition for three years and I’ve been working with her for the last two years,” said Jones. “We knew we wanted to expand because business was good and Natchez is pretty small. I did a lot of research on Vicksburg. It’s very nice, beautiful, and it’s close to home, so it was perfect. I really love it here.”

Jones’s mother, Nongula Bernard helped Jones to become a young business owner.

Jones just opened Vicksburg Nutrition on Jan. 6 and is currently running it by herself, with guidance from her mom. “Vicksburg is so great, there has been so much hospitality,” Jones stated. “I want people to know that I’m a young woman with a lot going on, but since I’ve been in Vicksburg, everyone has treated me so well. I’ve had amazing support from locals and people out of town and I just want to thank everyone so much.”

Vicksburg Nutrition makes healthy teas and drinks that taste like dessert.

Jones wants people to know she and her mother are committed to helping people get healthy without having to sacrifice flavor or deny cravings. She is always coming up with something new and even puts artistic skills to use in the design and aesthetic appeal of her drinks. “I would love for more people to know I’m here and I’m happy to help them reach their nutrition goals.” Jones even offers to show people how to make her drinks at home as seen on her Facebook page.

Vicksburg Nutrition is located at 2186 B Iowa Blvd., between It’s Fashion and Sally’s. Business hours are from 6:45 a.m. – 3 p.m., Monday – Friday and from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Saturday.
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