6th fire of the afternoon happening now on Berryman

6th fire of the afternoon happening now on Berryman


The 6th fire of the afternoon is happening now on Berryman, near Dusty Road.

That outside fire on Berryman was called in about 35 minutes after a vehicle fire on Hwy 465 near Eagle Lake. The truck at Eagle Lake was a complete loss stranding a mother and her child on the Highway. Deputy Johnny Beauchamp gave the mother and child a ride.

Warren County Fire Boss Jerry Briggs was on the scene of the vehicle fire rallying his increasingly exhausted fire fighters and keeping the mood light.

“I don’t think we’re going to get to see the game tonight,” quipped Briggs to a group of firefighters assembled around him. There was a general agreement that their chances were slim.

Conditions are perfect for grass and brush fires to spread. Briggs has been pleading with the community to not do any outside burning because of the chances for the fire to quickly spread in the dry grass and brush in Warren County.