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82 Violent Offenses on the List and Most Will Go Free




… and the number in the headline doesn’t even take into account the 9 DUI convictions that involved someone’s death or injury. There were thirty-six people who had been convicted of either Murder or Manslaughter on the list of Haley Barbour’s pardonees.  One of those people is Karen Irby.  You remember Karen Irby.  She’s the Jackson socialite that was convicted of killing two doctors in a late-night car crash, who claimed that her husband, Stuart Irby (of Irby Electric), was beating her at the time of the crash.  She received “Conditional Clemency” from Governor Barbour. BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE We’ve had the chance to break down the crimes that these 222 people were convicted of and have found some disturbing results. Thirty-nine of the people on the list were pardoned for multiple crimes. The crimes on the list range from murder and rape to racketeering and escaping custody.  Yes… you read that right.  One of the people on the list was pardoned from his felony charge of escaping custody. It’s not a secret that we had a pretty good relationship with Barbour through our connection with Listen to the Eagle, but this list really bothers us. Here’s the breakdown of the 269 crimes listed. Murder or Manslaughter (including “accessory to”): 38 DUI: 13 (9 of which involved the injury and/or death of another person) Armed Robbery / Carjacking: 11 Sex Crimes: 7 Assault / Aggravated Assault: 15 Drug Crimes: 74 Stealing (Theft, Larceny, Burglary, Forgery, etc.): 88 Conspiracy: 8 Other Violent Crimes (Kidnapping, Arson, etc.): 11 Other NON-Violent Crimes: 4]]]]> ]]>

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