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82-year-old woman puts attacker in the hospital



Willie Murphy, 82. Photo source CNN video.
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There’s never a good time to mess with a body builder, even if she’s 82-years-old.

Willie Murphy, from Rochester, N.Y., can deadlift 230 pounds, and she works out at her local YMCA every day. She set state weight-lifting records in her 70s, and she’s been featured on ESPN. She still competes—and wins—in competition.

Last week, when a man attempted to rob her in her home, Murphy proved she was no pushover.

“He picked the wrong house to break into,” she told CNN.

As Murphy was preparing for bed, a man pounded on her door, saying he was sick and needed an ambulance. She called 911 but was suspicious and didn’t let him in.

When he kicked down the door, Murphy fought back, bashing him with a table until it broke. She then jumped on top of him and emptied a bottle of shampoo in his eyes, blinding him.

Murphy let the man up, but then beat him with a broom until the police arrived.

Without a doubt, the man was happier than she was to give himself up to the cops, who praised Murphy for her quick thinking.

And he got his wish: The suspect was taken to the hospital.

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