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Just Plain Fun

A once and future dictator you can’t help but to adore



The future ruler of the world takes a quick cat-nap, dreaming of diabolical ways to rule all the humans. (Photo by Gotham's "hoo-man" [Joey Fogas])
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Meet Gotham: The new VDN mascot and rescue kitten housed by staff member Joey Fogas.

Gotham was abandoned by its mother under a once-empty home by a lake. Through cat-like manipulation, Gotham found its way into the home of one of our staff members and now plots a global takeover.

His master plan is unknown to us “hoo-mans” and he likes to keep it that way. I, for one, welcome my new cat overlord.

Join us on Sundays as we post new issues of his journey into adulthood and world domination.

gotham kittie

Gotham (Courtesy: Lord and Master, Gotham Kittie)

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