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A special message: Happy birthday coach and thanks for everything



Alonzo Stevens
Alonzo Stevens turns 71

Coach Alonzo Stevens turns 71:
Happy birthday old man!

Hey Coach I want to take this time to not only wish you a happy birthday but to also say thank you for everything over the years.

Coach Stevens

Keith Phillips and Alonzo Stevens

I remember meeting you for the first time in 2007 after my freshman football season when you told me that my grades were too low to play for your varsity team. A year later you welcomed me back and took me under your wings.

Those years playing for you meant more than you’ll ever know. You were not only my coach, you were one of my biggest role models.

Thanks for all the rides to and from practice along with the late-night talks about life and plans for the future.

I’ll always remember the times you graciously paid for my team-breakfast meals on Friday morning game days as well as those football camps you paid to send me to in the summertime.

You taught me so much about life and the game of football. I’ll also never forget the times you stepped in and represented me during meet the Gators when my mom was at work. You also introduced me to Coach Andre Bennett who showed me everything I needed to know, so thank you for that.

Coach, I can talk all night about our times at FCA, our ride home from games, our long phone conversations, and all stories you shared about Rosa A. Temple High School. I enjoyed all of them back then and today.

I remember how broken you were when Coach Huell died, but know that your friend is smiling down on you every day.

When I first met you I thought I was just getting a coach, but instead, I got a role model, mentor, and father figure all in one.

Happy Birthday, Coach, I love you.

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