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A Teenager's Fitness Experience – Week 1




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We started with upper body workouts, which were a little painful in the end, but it was worth it. I did not like some of the workouts because I kept telling myself, “You can’t do this.” It’s like my body fought back and said’ “Yes you can, now move.” So I did, I moved I got to work on getting in shape.Thursday he worked on lower body workouts, they were not too bad (until the planks). But I remembered my body telling me I could do it and I did. I got a little greedy when we used a half ball to do a few planks on. I did not want to share. It was so painful. I did not like the planks at all!!!!!!! The squats took me back to public school punishment. So of course I didn’t like it either.I enjoy going to the gym, because I want to be healthier I want to be in shape. I don’t want to be over weight all my life. No matter how tough it gets; no matter how painful it becomes, I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!]]]]> ]]>

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