Two adorable animals at the City of Vicksburg Animal Shelter are keeping joyful spirits while waiting to be adopted by forever families.

This week, we proudly present Peanut the dog and Winky the cat.

Peanut the dog

Peanut wants to play!

Peanut has to be the sweetest, happiest dog to ever live in a shelter. It’s difficult to understand how she hasn’t been adopted yet. She’s been there for more than a couple of months.

It’s always hard to decide who to feature when there are so many beautiful and friendly animals to choose from. Peanut made the process very easy. She gently approaches the door of her cage with a big smile, wagging tail, friendly eyes, and her favorite toy in her mouth. She keeps that toy in tow as though her precious little life depends on it. Crack open her cage door and she will press her head and toy into your chest, tail wagging at 100 miles per minute.

Who could resist this face?

Shelter director, Kacie Lindsey said Peanut is by far her most favorite ever. Lindsey tries not to get too attached to the animals to prevent getting her heart broken but Peanut stole it anyways. “I can tell you she’s the sweetest,” Lindsey said. “(She) loves dogs, is okay with cats, loves kids and all people. (She) smiles for you and loves snuggles and kisses, absolutely loves all toys and we can let her run and play without leashes at theĀ  shelter.”

Peanut is a medium sized dog with a family friendly appearance. She is black and white and cute all over.

Winky the cat

Winky just wants to be loved.

There are so many cats at the shelter that deserve the chance to have a happy life. Among them is an older cat with a blind eye called Winky. Winky has some age on him, but he also has the heart of a kitten. There’s no telling what he’s overcome in his lifetime, but he desperately wanted to let us know that he was, “the one.”

It’s tricky to capture a good picture of Winky because he’s too busy being absolutely adorable to be still. Winky rolls around on his back and looks through his cage while upside down. He extends one paw through the bars and reaches towards freedom. His one good eye swells up dreamily and he looks just like Puss in Boots from Shrek when everyone says, “awwww!” To add the cherry on the sundae of his affection, he stares directly into one’s soul and lets out the tiniest, sweetest kitten-like, “Mew!”

“please pick me!”

Winky loves to be pet and melts his head into your hand as though it’s his favorite pillow. If he could talk, he’d definitely say, “please adopt me. I’ll love you and cuddle you forever!” He may be an older model, but his engine is good as new. His pur can be heard over all of the barking dogs, meowing cats and blowing fans.

Winky’s coloring is a dilute grey and orange merle with tiger stripes. He has one blue eye from a cataract; the other is youthful and green.

How you can help

So far, the adoptable features have all been adopted! This is thanks to those who are sharing their stories and working together to find homes and rescue for these sweet babies. To help Peanut and Winky, you can continue to spread the word about them.

You can also volunteer your time or donate resources to the shelter. The animals and staff appreciate the love and assistance.

To adopt Peanut or Winky, contact the shelter during their regular business hours or reach out to themĀ  through their facebook page here.

The Vicksburg Animal Shelter is at 100 Old Mill Road is open Mon-Fri between 9a.m.-3:30p.m. Their number is 601-636-6982.