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Another shootout on Martha and Grammar




At about 6:30 p.m., a shootout occurred in the city near the intersection of Martha and Grammar.

There were several calls made to 911 reporting gunshots in the area. Neighbors reported to the Vicksburg Daily News there were two bursts of gunfire that, based on the sound, came from two different types of guns. One radio report mentioned an AR-15. One person on social media reported hearing about 50 shots.

According to neighbors and witnesses, a group of people shot at an individual in a black sedan. The black sedan drove a short distance away and pulled into the parking lot behind First Baptist Church at Vick and Harrison. That sedan was riddled with bullet holes. Additionally, blood was found at that scene but the person in the car has, at the time of this report, not been located.


The black sedan that was shot up on Martha and Grammar. Photo by David Day

When the call came in, police units were in the immediate area and were able to get to the location within seconds of the shooting. A large number of people ran from the scene in multiple directions according to radio traffic. Numerous units with the VPD showed up on the scene and assisted in detaining individuals running from the location.

Over an hour after the shooting, one of the suspects in the shooting was transported to the hospital complaining their left eye was grazed by a bullet.

At least 2 vehicles were towed from the scene with bullet holes in them.


The scene of the shooting on Martha at Grammar. Photo by David Day

According to Lt. T. Nailor, “There is always something going on in this area. The residents are getting fed up with it, we’re getting fed up with it.”

One neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, said “Most of us work every day and just want to come home and relax. It’s just a couple of people making all this trouble.”


Martha and Harrison. Photo by David Day

This is one of many incidents involving gunfire in that immediate area. This one in August of 2022 and also this one in 2022.

The Vicksburg Daily News will follow up with this story as more information becomes available.


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