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“Armored” brings Hollywood glamour to Waveland with Stallone and Patric



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Waveland is getting a taste of Hollywood this week as the action film “Armored” sets its sights on the Keesler Federal Credit Union for one of its high-octane scenes. The movie chronicles a thrilling journey of a father and son duo across the United States.

With big names like Sylvester Stallone and Jason Patric leading the cast, “Armored” is being produced by Convergence Production. Interestingly, a significant portion of the supporting cast and extras are drawn from local talent, and they’ve already made an impression.

Savannah Belcher, the Second Second Assistant Director, and a Mississippi native herself, commended the community’s support. She expressed her gratitude for the chance to work on a film in her home state, emphasizing the potential for Mississippi to attract more filmmaking opportunities. She noted, “The warmth and hospitality here can pave the way for more jobs and unique experiences in local communities.”

Director Justin Routt echoed these sentiments, praising the hard work and dedication of the crew. “We all get along really well, and it’s really, really been a good thing. We’ve been back three times. We went to the bridge by Pearlington, here, and we’re going to another house. I mean, we’re just all over the place! Just one after the next, Routt told WXXV.

It’s important to mention that the movie’s production aligns with the guidelines of Sag-Aftra, ensuring professional standards are maintained throughout the shoot.

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