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Attorney General Partners With Yahoo! for Internet Security



on, include a “Parenting Guide”, brochures on “Sexting”, “Illegal Downloads”, “Cyberbullying”, and a brochure on social network safety. The Attorney General, who supports a strong Internet Crimes Against Children Unit that works statewide with law enforcement affiliates to keep Mississippi’s children safe online, also adopts a strong stance against Cyberbullying in schools, and provides a link at to help parents and kids recognize “Cyberbullying” and anonymously report suspected incidents. Some tips for safer web surfing Attorney General Jim Hood suggests include:

  • Thinking before sharing a thought or photo online. Once a text or photo is uploaded, there is no guarantee that it will not be vigorously copied and shared, even after you’ve personally deleted it.
  • Protecting your personal information by limiting email, texts, photos, or instant messages to people who are trusted friends or family, and not giving out personal information that can be used to find your physical location or to exploit you.
  • Only downloading applications from trusted sources, and reading their terms of service and privacy policies to fully understand what permissions you’re giving third parties when you install their applications upon your phone or personal computer.
  • Ensuring personal safety by never texting while driving.
  • Controlling negativity by carefully considering who deserves your conversation and who gets ignored. Use Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, and Yahoo! Pulse to block people. If you receive abusive or harassing messages online, report the abuse where and when you see it.
Yahoo!, a popular California-based search engine and Internet portal, also offers a “Safe Search” filter option on its Yahoo! searches. The company has added a link ( to the Mississippi AG’s website as part of an additional multi-state effort to encourage a safe and useful internet experience. Yahoo! Safely ( is a global resource for parents, teens and educators that provides information to make smart and safer choices online.  The website also provides advice on the usage of stronger, more effective passwords to protect personal and financial information, preventive measures to combat “Cyberbullying” and valuable methods to avoid personally damaging Internet photo and document sharing. Internet safety measures provided at Yahoo! Safely pertain to both computer and Smartphone usage.]]]]> ]]>

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