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Attributes Of Successful Long-Term Businesses




We believe there are attributes that are common to successful businesses. While there are probably others, we feel that the twelve attributes below represent the most important: 1. They are focused on the customer and gather feedback and input from the customer on a regular and consistent basis. 2. They understand the concept of relationship development, both internally and externally and they work hard at forming new relationships and strengthening old ones. 3. They are externally-driven (customer) rather than internally- driven (operations). 4. They have a high percentage of talented and high performing employees. 5. They understand how to apply their resources in a manner that maximizes their opportunity for success. 6. They have a high level of morale and teamwork and foster that kind of environment. 7. They do not constantly shift and change priorities. 8. They have well defined and simple, efficient processes. 9. They have a long-term mentality. 10. They have a long-range plan with goals that all employees understand. 11. They spend money wisely and are not afraid to spend money to the benefit of the organization. 12. They have strong and effective communication taking place consistently and regularly.]]]]> ]]>

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