Auditor’s Office announces Public Innovations and Efficiencies Award

Auditor’s Office announces Public Innovations and Efficiencies Award


State Auditor Shad White announced his office has established the Mississippi Public Innovations and Efficiencies (PIE) Award to recognize government offices for the ways they cut costs, reduce waste, and improve efficiency in the workplace.

Inspired by Iowa’s State Auditor, who established a similar Iowa PIE award in 2019, this program will recognize Mississippi’s governmental offices that identified new ways of saving taxpayer money.

“In the Auditor’s office, we spend a lot of time identifying where taxpayer money is stolen or misspent. We decided to follow Iowa’s lead and also highlight places where government is working well,” said Auditor White. “Patting someone on the back when they do well is important for encouraging good behavior and innovation in government.”

The 2022 Mississippi PIE Award is open to school districts, county or city governments, and any other government offices in the State. The application can be found online at the Auditor’s website.

Applications are open and are due by Feb. 28. Winners will be announced beginning Apr. 4. Questions about the program or application process can be emailed to or directed to Kelley Ryan.