‘Infotainment’ Website Trolls Vicksburg

An online self-described ‘Infotainment’ site has listed Vicksburg as the least safe city in Mississippi.  Several online commentators have used the site as a credible source to reinforce their belief that crime is up in Vicksburg.

Tammy Carol English Incarcerated

Well known Vicksburg business owner Tammy Carol English has been arrested in Madison County and is now being held in Indianola, Mississippi, Sunflower County.

It Is Done

Alderman Michael Mayfield has announced the broken water line repair is done.  As an added precaution the city has poured tons of concrete on the area and are now letting it cure.  Once they are comfortable the concrete has cured enough they will turn the water back on and slowly increase pressure to the lines.

Levee Completed!

Alderman Michael Mayfield just announced the levee surrounding the water main leak has been completed.

The Primary Election is Next Tuesday.

It is one week until the primary elections in Vicksburg on Tuesday, May 2, 2017.  Here are the basics:

This is a primary election.  Each political party will narrow down their chosen candidates.  Three positions run the city, two are aldermen and one is the mayor.  All three of these offices are up for re-election.  In the north ward, the winner will go unchallenged in the general election.  Thus, the leadership of the city is up for grabs in the north ward.