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Baby Levi needs our help



Levi Colón

A Vicksburg family is in need of financial support to provide their newborn baby, Levi Colón, with the surgery he needs to overcome a birth defect.

Levi was born on Jan. 28 to Kristin and Joey Colón with metopic synostosis trigonocephaly, a condition that caused the baby’s skull to fuse together prematurely.

Most babies are born with ‘soft spots’ where their skull has not yet fused together.  Levi’s skull fused in the womb, so he will need surgery to ensure that his brain is able to develop properly as he grows.

Unfortunately, Levi was airlifted to the Children’s Hospital in Jackson on Feb. 3 due to an infection. He is receiving excellent care, and his family is optimistic about his prognosis.

The family is asking everyone to keep Baby Levi in their prayers. There is also a Go Fund Me page set up for baby Levi Colón, where all donations will go towards his medical expenses.

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