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Baby Nola: A Christmas miracle which brings hope into the new year



Hannah Hearn was not expecting to meet her daughter Nola until her due date in early January, but Miss Nola had other plans: To be home for Christmas and help her new family ring in a new year.

At 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 8, Hannah was getting ready for a regular scheduled visit to the doctor.  She says she felt a bit of a cramp and went to use the restroom, not thinking much of it.  Within seconds, Nola was making her entrance into the world.

Hannah realized what was happening and went into ‘mom mode’ attempting to catch the baby while calling out frantically for her own mother, Dana Hearn, who was in the other room. Dana says she opened the bathroom door and saw the baby’s head emerging.

“I said, ‘Hannah, what do we do?’ and she said, “Call 9-1-1!'” Dana Hearn recalled with smile. “By the time I got the phone and dialed the number, Hannah was holding a baby.”

Dispatcher and supervisor Paige Cook answered the call, her first of that kind in the eight years she has been at the 911 communication center.

“It was awesome,” Paige kept saying. “It was a different kind of adrenaline rush…it was like a momma instinct that came in.”

Unplanned home births are rare, according to the seasoned pros that responded to and assisted with the call.  Even more rare are happy cases like Hannah and Nola’s, where both mother and baby come away happy and healthy without complications.

“We get so many calls that don’t have this good of an outcome, and having a chance to work one that’s this happy, it helps offset some of the tougher calls,” said paramedic Anna Cain.

Baby Nola is a preemie, but she’s perfectly healthy and doing great, and, she got to be home for Christmas and bring us a reason to celebrate moving into 2022.

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