Baby Nola Pugh passed away over the weekend. Baby Nola was a “Christmas Miracle” child who couldn’t wait to spend the holidays with her family. Unfortunately, as the rest of the family woke up on Sunday, baby Nola did not.

Baby Nola was born prematurely last December. Her mother, Hannah Hearn unexpectedly gave birth to her inside a bathroom.

At 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 8, Hannah was getting ready for a regular scheduled visit to the doctor. She says she felt a bit of a cramp and went to use the restroom, not thinking much of it. Within seconds, Nola was making her entrance into the world. Not expected to be until January, Nola was able to go home by Christmas to be with family.

The family is asking for prayers at this time as they mourn the death of precious Baby Nola.

The cause of death is unknown to us at this time.