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Balloons were released to celebrate the life of Chief Brody Kincaid Larry



Balloons were released Saturday to celebrate the life of Brody Kincaid Larry.

Spiderman was Larry’s favorite hero (photo by David Day)

Larry passed away from childhood cancer at just 8 years old. During his life, he impacted many around him including the firefighters and police officers who knew him as “Chief Brody Larry.”

Brody Larry’s mother, Bridget Larry stands beside Christopher Green (photo by David Day)

Family and friends gathered to release red, white, and blue balloons and even Larry’s favorite hero, Spiderman could be seen floating into the distance.

Photo by David Day

A speech was given by Christopher Green. Then a few words were spoken by Brody Larry’s mother, Bridget Larry, followed by the release. As the balloons drifted off, cheers could be heard by the people who loved and were touched by the life of Fire and Police Chief, Brody Kincaid Larry.

Follow this link to the live video of the balloon release.

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