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Bargaining with the Bradleys




$75 PER MONTH on groceries, health & beauty products and dog food. That’s amazing in this economy! As Ms. Bradley presented the information, I began to wonder whether or not I would have time to invest in this new coupon craze. Uhf yes, I surely do .. .for several reasons. First of all, I can save a ton of money doing this. Secondly, listen to what all Ms. Bradley does… and she still has time to be the Vicksburg Coupon Queen: works; goes to school full-time, which includes clinical rotations to finish up her training; commutes to Jackson every day; has a husband and 4 dogs.. and coupons. Ok, now I feel lazy compared to her. Anyway, she did inspire me to get on with the couponing. I spent about 30 minutes Sunday morning clipping coupons, reviewing the ads in the newspaper and looking online for weekly deals, and getting my list made and myself organized to go shopping this week. Thirty minutes is not much of an investment to save the kind of money I think I’m going to save. But, I’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, give Ms. Bradley a shout and sign up for her next coupon class. It’s only $15, which is a fraction of what you will save as a couponer. You can reach her on her cell at 601-415-7030; at; and on facebook at Bargaining with the Bradleys. In addition, look for her upcoming appearance on Coffee With…. ]]]]> ]]>

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