Barry bringing lots of rain in the next three days; watch for flash flooding

Barry bringing lots of rain in the next three days; watch for flash flooding


Tropical Storm Barry is still spinning in the Gulf and gaining strength. It may still become a Category 1 hurricane when it comes ashore.

The real danger for central Mississippi is the amount of rain that the storm brings.

The ground in Vicksburg and the South Delta is already saturated and has been for months. The trees in the Backwater flood area have been under water for almost five months. It won’t take much wind to knock them over.

This is what we can expect on Saturday (click to enlarge).

The amount of water that Barry will dump on the ground will cause flash flooding. Warren County Emergency Management Director John Elfer cautions: “If you come to a roadway that is covered with water, turn around. Don’t drown.”

The storm will lessen in intensity Sunday but will move closer to us. Sunday will be our big rain day.

The warning area for flash flooding on Sunday.

This storm has the potential to drop anywhere from 4 to 12 inches of rain on the Vicksburg and South Delta area. One projection predicts we may get up to 15 inches. The storm will still be in the area Monday, according to the Weather Prediction Center, a division of the National Weather Service.

The potential for flash floods are still likely Monday.

The current projection indicates the rainfall will continue into Tuesday and perhaps into Wednesday.

While winds will cause some damage, the real danger from Barry is the amount of water added to what’s already on the ground.

With the Backwater flooded for the past four months, this storm could push the level at Steele Bayou to 98.5 feet. At 98.2 feet, more than 550,000 acres, including 225,000 acres of crop land, went underwater.