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Bethany reviews: Relish Bistro



Relish steak meal
Steak and seafood beignets from Relish (credit: Bethany Claire Johnson)

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by Bethany Claire Johnson

If you’re looking for a place with a refined atmosphere for a special date or some sort of celebration, look no further. I have found the most romantic spot in Vicksburg for a dinner date. 

I stepped into Relish completely unsure of what to expect. I didn’t look at the menu prior to coming in. I wanted to be completely open-minded. The atmosphere was beautiful. The whole restaurant seems elegant and refined. The wine wall truly takes the restaurant to the next level. Everything was so clean and put together, and the lighting was soft. The restaurant felt like Frank Sinatra’s voice designed it. 

The service was polite and fast, and for the mommas that are bringing littles, they have the sturdiest high chairs I’ve ever seen. The high chair was so nice I wanted to squeeze in that thing myself. 

I’m a sucker for seafood. I saw that they were serving crabmeat beignets, and didn’t even catch the waitress’s name before I’d put my order in for them. Sorry about that, Bailey. You were wonderful! I’m just an animal when it comes to food. 

Anyway, my friend Olivia and I ordered the crabmeat beignets and the steak frites to split. Our meal was brought out in maybe five minutes. These plates could’ve been in the Miss Mississippi pageant. Seriously, I felt underdressed compared to these dishes, they were beautifully plated. It was clear that the chef took pride in their work. I always struggle to keep fried dishes aesthetically pleasing, but the parsley was a delicate and refreshing touch. The lemon aioli was just acidic enough to balance out the flavors of the dish. I would’ve gone home with a keg of it if they let me. 

The steak fries completely took me out of this world! I felt like I was in Dr. Strange’s multiverse of madness after my first bite. The steak was a 6 oz. filet cooked to a perfect medium. We didn’t even need the knife to cut it, it was so tender. I think I cried a little. It came with a side of truffle Parmesan fries that were crisp, hot, delicious, and coated in Parmesan. Olivia said, and I quote, “I would take a bath in this truffle oil Parmesan concoction.”

I had never had a Demi-glace or a béarnaise sauce before eating here, and my country-bumpkin self felt so fancy and refined. It was garnished with crispy tobacco onions which really added a crunch level that the dish didn’t need, but it deserved.

The whole meal was truly a treat. The environment was classy, but didn’t feel pretentious. I’m the type of person the, “no shoes, no shirt, no service,” signs apply to, and I didn’t feel intimidated by the elegance. I highly recommend Relish to anybody looking for a higher-level dining experience without sacrificing a welcoming atmosphere. 

Relish is THE date spot of Vicksburg. I will be going back soon. 

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See a typo? Report it here.
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