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Black History Month with RCEC: “A Black Girl Speaks of Society”



Beah Richards
Beah Richards (Mississippi encyclopedia)
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Students with River City Early College have taken on an extra credit project this month and are sharing their Black History Month inspirations with the community.

The following poem was submitted by RCEC student Ka’Daysha Buchanan, inspired by Beah Richards, “A Black Girl Speaks of Society”.


“A Black Girl Speaks of Society”
Beah Richards Inspired Poem
By Ka’Daysha Buchanan

Malachi 2:10 states
“Did not one God create us? Why do we profane the covenant of our ancestors
by being unfaithful to one another?”
So why bristle up if I call you my brother?
We bleed alike, blood run dead,
Truth hidden in silence when rights are being read.
Why can’t I wear the shoes that she wears?
And why judge based on the coarseness of hair?
See you, my sister, are blessed by God,
Being able to just stand and be applauded.
I envy you and that porcelain skin,
the things you have I cannot, even within.
The struggle for status to impress the white man,
Why can’t we negotiate hand in hand?
Is it the fear of power over another?
The hate of women? Tell that to your mother.
The respect given should be received,
Common morals that are taught to children, I believe.

About the author:

Ka’Daysha Buchanan

Ka’Daysha Buchanan

Ka’Daysha Buchanan is a 9th-grade student at River City Early College High School. As a Vicksburg Warren School District student, she has attended Dana Road Elementary, Vicksburg Intermediate School, Academy of Innovation and now is a proud Cougar at RCEC.

Ka’Daysha pours her energy into soccer, dance, and singing when she isn’t studying or reading about historical events. Her motivation is found in the support and love of her Nana, Celia Carter.

After graduation in 2026, Ka’Daysha plans on attending Alabama State University to major in Criminal Justice.

Law and History have inspired her since 6th grade. She hopes to one day achieve her goal of becoming an attorney that specializes in Criminal Law.

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