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Black History Month with RCEC: Nick Anderson by Dajarei Brown



Nick Anderson
Nick Anderson: Photo from Twitter
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Students with River City Early College have taken on an extra credit project this month and are sharing their Black History Month inspirations with the community.

The following was submitted by RCEC student Dajarei Brown:

Nick Anderson

Nick Anderson is a middle linebacker for the University of Tulane. He was born and raised in Vicksburg Mississippi. I had the opportunity to ask Nick some questions about growing up in Vicksburg, his motivators, and his academic career at Tulane. I asked, if he has any motivational words for young football players in Vicksburg? Nick answered, “Overall, I would encourage them to continue to strive for greatness and put no limitations on themselves. Set out a specific goal and plan for yourself and do not sell yourself short. You can accomplish anything you aspire to but you must have faith in GOD and also in yourself, that you will accomplish every single goal. Also push yourself on a daily basis to excel academically, athletically, and socially.” When asked about what or who has been his biggest motivation, he said, “my biggest motivation has been my mom. She has made many sacrifices to help me succeed in my career and has guided me to becoming the man I am today. Her parenting was strict at times but it allowed me to grow and flourish throughout my journeys in life.” Nick Anderson has done an amazing job juggling a college education and being an athlete. He has earned his Bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security with a double minor in health and wellness and Sociology. Currently, he is in graduate school at Tulane where he will obtain a Masters in sports studies and a certificate in sports medicine and a certificate in sports administration. Nick’s opinion on how the Vicksburg community has helped or influenced his success is encouraging. He said, “the Vicksburg community has always been supportive throughout my journey. It has kept me motivated knowing that I have individuals back home rooting for my overall success. I am blessed to inspire the people of my hometown.’’ Lastly, Nick has a platform that represents his beliefs and journey. Nick said, “FA1TH has become a slogan of the platform I represent. The 1 in the middle of FA1TH is not only a representation of my football number but a representation of what comes first in my journey, my life, and my success. None of it could not have been done without having faith in GOD, myself, and the process. So FA1TH has become a slogan that I live by on a daily basis to remind myself of what comes first.’’ To conclude, Nick is an amazing inspiration for young athletes in Vicksburg. He is an example of how far you can go if you try, and you never give up.

About the Author

Dajarei Brown Dajarei Brown is a 9th grader at River City Early College High School. As a student in the VWSD, he has also attended Vicksburg Intermediate School and Academy of Innovation. Dajarei is a proud member of the Vicksburg High School football team. His motivation to succeed and persevere comes from three important people in his life. He speaks of his mom (Ashlyn Brown), Uncle (Nicholas Wright), and his grandmother (Tommie Hubbard) are his biggest motivators! When not playing football or doing homework, Dajarei enjoys watching documentaries. After high school, his goal is to continue playing football and obtaining a degree at the University of Southern Mississippi. He hopes to one day become an Editor for sports journalism or TV shows or become a high school English Language Arts teacher.

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