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The Board of Mayor and Aldermen reaffirmed their commitment to law and order within the City of Vicksburg during a Board meeting on Monday

Mayor George Flaggs, Jr. opened Monday’s meeting by clarifying that he had no part in the resolution reached between the City of Vicksburg and Jacque’s Bar.

“I did not have anything to do with the settlement. I wasn’t going over there,” said Flaggs. “Whatever came out of there I signed. No input. I didn’t want it.”

The mayor stated he respects all parties involved in reaching the resolution and still stands committed to the rule of law and order.

“It is my understanding through my attorney that [the settlement is] confidential and anything that I say can be damaging to the settlement,” stated Flaggs. “But let me just tell you something. I’m going to do everything in my god-given power to have law and order. It’s important.”

Flaggs spoke of the importance of law and order by referencing the Mississippi Mudbug Festival in Jackson over the weekend. At least six people were shot. Four were left hospitalized and one dead, after a shooting broke out at the event on Saturday night.

“To protect the citizens of this city is important to me. Zero tolerance in crime is important to me. It’s been important ever since I got elected,” said Flaggs. “The day that zero tolerance and crime is not important, then I don’t need to be your mayor.”

Examples were provided by Flaggs, aside from Jacque’s Bar, where he stated he had been consistent in his efforts to protect his citizens.

“We shouldn’t have to move out of the way for people who don’t want to uphold the law and respect the law. We shouldn’t do it. We shouldn’t have to,” said Flaggs.

South Ward Alderman Alex Monsour echoed Flaggs’ commitment to have law and order within the city. He drew attention to the amount of out of town visitors present over the weekend within the city.

“The city is like that because it’s a safe place and public safety is our number one issue. I will say this, the mayor and this board has been consistent on these issues across the board,” stated Monsour. “[Visitors] will not come here if you have something like they had in Jackson this past weekend.”

North Ward Alderman Michel Mayfield echoed his approval of the stance of his fellow board members.

“I agree with both of you guys, 100 percent,” said Mayfield.





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