Board of Mayor and Aldermen News and Notes – March 25, 2011


Kenneth Lambert (Fire Department) – 5 Years

  • Valerie Harmon (Inspection Department) – 5 Years
  • Joseph Alexander (Gas Department) – 10 Years
  • James Herrin (Vehicle Maintenance) – 15 Years
  • Cheslea Lambiotte, president of the Vicksburg Junior Auxiliary, was on hand to accept a proclamation from the Board which recognizes the week of April 4 – 8 as JA Week. Mrs. Lambiotte graciously accepted the proclamation and gave a short speech which gave a brief history of the 75 year history of JA in Vicksburg. She also announced that April 1, 2011 will be the date of the 3rd Annual “Birdie, Bogey, & Boogie” golf tournament fundraiser at the Vicksburg Country Club. More information can be found at Next, the Board approved a request by the Vicksburg Convention Center to close the section of Mulberry Street that runs in front of the VCC from March 30th to April 1st. for the Mississippi Organization of Associate Degree Nursing event. The group would like to have an outdoor picnic and the request for road closure is a precautionary measure in the case of inclement weather. Erin Powell, marketing manager for the VCC, said that the group spend approximately $500,000.00 in Vicksburg during their week-long stay. Webster Electric Company was awarded a sealed bid for a generator to be placed at the Waste Water Treatment Facility. The generator will cost $631,000. and was the lowest price of all bids, according to Jimmy Nelson. The city clerk has been authorized to advertise sealed bids for a tractor/loader/backhoe combination. Mayor Winfield was then authorized to execute a budget modification to the Community Development Block Grant for the generator at the water treatment plant. This budget modification does not require any additional monies, but does move the funds allocated elsewhere in the grant to pay for the generator. Billy Gordon was on hand to discuss the proposal from inHance for the IWEB online utility payment collection and paperless billing software. The City is working to streamline the system of payment collection in the gas / water / waste departments and is developing a way for people to receive and pay their bills online. The proposal was accepted by the board. An agreement has been executed between the Board and the Vicksburg Warren Baseball Association. The Board accepted a proposal and authorized payment in the amount of $11,600.00 for a branding and marketing charrette from the Mississippi Main Street Association. Mayor Paul Winfield expressed his concern over a previously approved and funded charrette from the Main Street Association. He said that he had been unable to find the results of the previous charrette, which was funded during a prior administration. Mayor Winfield claimed that the funding for that study was upwards of $250,000.00 and may have been as much as half a million dollars. He said that he was voting to approve this proposal was because he believes in the mission of the Main Street program and trusts that he will be able to study the results of this charrette. The Board approved a reimbursement request from the Vicksburg Warren Athletic Association in the amount of $3,634.41 for their USSSA affiliation and insurance fees for the 2011 Little League Baseball season. Mayor Winfield extolled the virtues of the program and encourage individuals, organizations, companies and corporations to sponsor teams, saying that it could be done for less than $400. He related the story of how proud he was to put on his uniform when he was a child and how much that uniform meant to him. Victor Gray-Lewis was on-hand to discuss a letter establishing a special assessment and a resolution before the Board for cutting and cleaning the property at 1226 Second North, owned by the State of Mississippi. Gray-Lewis also discussed code violations at 534 Feld Street. The Board voted to approve the plan to cut, clean and demolish the property. The Board approved a request to declare the badge worn by deceased Vicksburg firefighter Johnathan Hicks as “surplus property” and authorized it’s sale in the amount of $94.00. Chief Charles Atkins was on-hand to discuss the request and said that many of the firefighters will be donating the funds to purchase the badge for the family. He also stated that there will be a memorial service for Hicks at the Vicksburg City Auditorium on Sunday at 1 p.m. The Board voted to approve the reappointment of Christopher Barnett to the Vicksburg Public Housing Authority. A request for payment in the amount of $34,047.06 from Vicksburg-Warren 911 was approved. This money is the city’s share of dispatcher’s salaries, matching benefits and insurance for March 2011. Gas Department employees Trent Reynolds, Nikki Hunter, Timothy Thomas, Dione Crump and Eric East were added to the Employee Driver’s List. John Palmer and Eric Scott of the Sewer Department were also added. Bank letters from Trustmark and BancorpSouth were approved. An addition to the agenda was adopted at this point. This addition authorized the Mayor to execute a letter of support for the Hal Gordon Foundation, a not-for-profit home-buyer’s program. Foundation director Dawn Davis gave some brief remarks about the organization. The following reports were approved: City Sexton, Privilege License, Mayor & Treasurer, Marshall, Tax Collection, Delinquent Tax Collection, Detail Budget and Accept Tax Settlement. The claims docket was approved by a vote of 2-1. Alderman Sid Beauman took exception with an item in the claims docket relating to NRoute. The Board went into Executive Session to discuss matters of personnel and possible litigation from within the Vicksburg Housing Authority.]]]]> ]]>