Bodies of missing couple found in Yazoo County


The bodies of a couple missing since Thursday have been found in Yazoo County.

Latamela Taylor and Darron Wilson left a relative’s house in Vicksburg Thursday night for Rolling Fork driving a gray 2008 Mazda 3, the Sharkey County Sheriff’s department says.

Yazoo County Sheriff’s deputies said around 5 p.m. Saturday, witnesses reported two bodies floating in a flooded ditch on Satartia Road in Yazoo County.

Authorities identified the bodies as Taylor and Wilson. Divers also recovered the gray Mazda from the flood waters.

Investigators say it’s not clear how the couple ended up in the water. They warn that anyone driving around flooded areas should be extremely cautious.

Standing water can be much deeper than it appears, and only six inches of water is enough to cause vehicles to stall. Standing water can also hide other dangers including debris.

This investigation is ongoing.