Board of Supervisors
Board of Supervisors
Photo by Hunter Weeks

During a public hearing this Monday, The Warren County Board of Supervisors voted on whether to approve an expansion of the Bovina fire protection district.

Board Attorney Blake Teller requested that the Board accept the expansion provided “It’s a matter of public convenience and necessity” and that it would be “economically sound and desirable”

Jerry Briggs, Fire Coordinator for Warren County explained the benefits of the decision, “This would allow us to expand Bovina’s property taxing district out 5 miles from that current fire station. What that does is obviously lower the insurance premiums within that 5 miles.”

Briggs continued, “We hope to get a sixth; We’ll find out this week… if that’s the case, they could save upwards of 40 to 50 percent on their homeowners insurance annually.”

Board President Kelle Barfield added, “We do appreciate the response of all the emergency responders we have here and the leadership for the County, and an important part of that is forward looking and anticipating these issues.”

The Board voted unanimously to approve the expansion on the basis of its benefits to the community of Bovina.

Barfield concluded, “Response is critical, but so is prevention and the proactive steps you all take.”