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Bomb Threat on Highway 61 North (FINAL UPDATE)




EDITOR’S NOTE:  Here’s the thing, folks.  The original call may have been placed by someone who REALLY suspected that there was an explosive device on the bus.  The more LIKELY scenario here is some “jackwagon” got their jollies by interrupting the lives of countless people and costing the taxpayers of Mississippi, Vicksburg and Warren County a great deal of money. People who do things like this are just… well, there’s a whole lot of names that I could call them, but they wouldn’t be fit for publication on this website!  ARGH!!!  I just pray that those people will think about how costly, stupid and invasive their actions are!  Think about if you were one of the people on the bus who had their luggage opened on the side of the road so that each and every thing in the bag could be inspected by enough people and sniffed by a dog, so that it could be cleared to go back on the bus. Now on the other hand, it could have been a real concern, but that begs the question as to why the person called the bus company instead of dialing 911!

4:45 pm – Officers are still on the scene.  The bus is in the southbound lane, just south of the intersection with North Washington Street. 4:00 pm – The Vicksburg Police Department received a report of an explosive device that is supposedly located on a Trailways bus. Officers responded immediately and stopped the bus on Highway 61 North, approximately 200 yards north of the city limits. VPD, Warren County Sheriff’s Department and Mississippi Highway Patrol Officers are on the scene at this time and are investigating the claim.  According to one official, the VPD has taken the lead in the investigation and are bringing a bomb-sniffing dog to walk through the bus. We will have more on this story as the situation develops.]]]]> ]]>

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