Camaro crashes into Culkin station

Camaro crashes into Culkin station


The Culkin Volunteer Fire Department received surprise visitors yesterday when a car crashed into the station.

A red, 2019 Chevy Camaro crashed into the station’s gate about 12:45 p.m. Saturday, Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace told WJTV. He said surveillance tapes show the vehicle accelerating at the stop sign at Culkin and Freetown roads, sliding sideways into the fire station’s parking lot and crashing into the gate.

The driver was a 15-year-old. Also in the vehicle was Vicksburg resident Bill Joe Hayes Jr, 27, and his 3-year-old.

When authorities questioned Hayes, he claimed the vehicle was borrowed from a friend, Pace said.

No one was injured; however, Hayes is charged with allowing an unauthorized driver to operate a vehicle and child endangerment, both misdemeanors. The teen driver also received several citations.

The Camaro didn’t survive. It seems to be a total loss, according to WJTV. One of Culkin’s fire engines was damaged on its front end.