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Car hangs over ledge on Stenson Road



car ledge

A car hangs on a ledge and almost goes down a steep embankment on Stenson Road Wednesday evening.

At around 9 p.m., a frantic call came into the 911 call center of a car “hanging over a cliff” near 1757 Stenson Road.

The white sedan was turning around on the recently paved road when the back right tire lost traction because of the steep bank. This left the front driver’s side tire barely touching the ground. Any movement could have sent the car down the steep embankment.

NorthEast Fire Chief Zachary Hearn was the first one to respond on the radio. He reported Warren County firefighters Neal Pryor, Hayden McDougal and Marquis Holmes had secured the vehicle with straps to a county firefighters truck. Once the sedan was secured, they then were able to extract the three occupants from the precariously perched vehicle.

car ledge

Warren County firefighter Hayden McDougal assists at the scene. Photo by David Day

No one was injured in the incident.

Ward’s Towing arrived on the scene a short time later and was able to safely pull the vehicle back onto the roadway while not causing any harm to the vehicle.

The occupants of the sedan were able to drive away after being pulled from the perch.


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