Car hits house on Chambers

Car hits house on Chambers


In what can only be described as a bizarre event, a small silver car entered the back yard of a house on Chambers and hit the back porch.


The homeowner, Taylor Ransone, said he was upstairs when he heard and felt the impact. “I ran down to see what happened and the young woman was kind of stunned,” as she sat in her car, he said.

A bewildered Taylor Ransone surveys the damage from the car that struck the back porch of his house.

The woman had hit the back porch of his stately Chambers Street home. “She must have come down (the side street), curved around, missed this car and impacted the porch. How she did that…” said a bewildered Ransone.

The car came down the side street, where people are standing, swerved left, missed the grey car parked behind the home and impacted the back porch with enough force to dislodge the pillar.

Ransone said he encouraged her to stay and that her car was not drivable, but she left the scene anyway. The car, described as small and dark grey in color, left car parts in the yard, driveway and on East Avenue as it fled the area.

Vicksburg Police Sergeant and Traffic Supervisor Bobby Jones collects vehicle debris for the homeowner.

If you see a small dark grey car with the front bumper missing, please contact police.