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Delesic Adams, or as he’s better known “Chef D”, has returned  home to bring something special into the Vicksburg Mall.

A God-Given Company

hot poato 1.2..3 vicksburg

Photo by Don Hill

Almost immediately after graduating from Vicksburg High, Adams left home to attend the Art Institute of Houston to earn his Associates Degree in Culinary Arts. While attending school he took a part-time job at Rice Epicurean Market, which also offered catering. It was there that he had his first taste of the catering world. Since earning his degree, Adams has worked for numerous prestigious hotels, including The Manor House, Marriott, Hilton Americas in downtown Houston, and the Magnolia Hotel quickly moving up in the ranks to executive chef. Eventually Adams became eager to go out on his own. It was then that he starting working with a group to create Hot Potato 1.2.3.

“It’s a god given company.” Adams said “Im a man of faith, and i cant take credit for the design, the makeup, or any of it. I’m just following under the guidance of the Lord.”

Hot Potato was established on Feb 11, 2020 with plans to open a storefront in Houston, but the pandemic forced them to change strategy. They then moved to a “Ghost Kitchen” in the Blodgett Food Hall. A ghost kitchen has no storefront, taking orders for delivery and pickup only.

Hot Potato 1.2.3. was an instant hit and soon Adams, being a Vicksburg native, felt his hometown needed some “bragging rights”. Adams decided to open up shop in the Vicksburg Mall, and some doubted his decision to locate there. Adams said it was a perfect spot to add his “footprint” into Vicksburg.

Chef Inspired

Photo By David Day

Photo By David Day

Hot Potato offers a wide selection of toppings to make the perfect potato (also available as a sweet potato), which fits into the vision of being a fast-casual restaurant. They also offer a selection of featured spuds. When asked about the inspiration for these Adams stated “We discovered that a lot of people just had a difficult time compiling their own combination.” He felt people were getting “lost in the infinite”.

Adams decided to create some chef-inspired potatoes. That inspiration led to the “Cajun Shrimp Alfredo”, the beef brisket based “Loaded Cowboy”, and chicken based “Spicy Buffalo”. Inspiration has also come from the clientele like the “Mac and Cheese”.

Adams wants people to not be afraid to branch out and offers samples of their toppings.

Adams has made special care to not leave anyone out. They offer salads, a vegan chili, and a Grilled Vegetable Panini. All the vegetables are cooked in olive oil “with a little salt and pepper”, and the restaurant has a strict policy on not using the same pans for the meat and vegetables.

Consistency, Consistency

Adams has a vision of having a location in all 50 states, with no desire to franchise. His interest is consistency. Most things are made from scratch, but those that are not, Adams has taken special care to find partnerships that will provide the best customer experience. Those partnerships include Boxwood Farms for their brisket, and Austin Blues for their pulled chicken.

“I’ve been to these people’s places. Ive seen how they do it, and I’ve gotten a tour of their facility and the thing is consistency. Consistency, Consistency. I can’t be at all of our locations, but i can guarantee you that all of our product is going to taste exactly the same, no matter where you are.”

Adams says the food is part of it, but they are truly driven by customer service. Adams stated that he would rather be short staffed than have employees not provide the model of service the company aims to strive for. While the expectations are high, the company is also eager to take care of their employees. Just yesterday, each employee were given a $25 gift card from the manager.

Hot Potato 1.2.3. is open from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday-Saturday and is open from 1 p.m. – 6 p.m. on Sunday. Orders can be made online and through their app. Adams stated that preordering is also available, with plans to have catering available by the end of May.

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