Christian Curtis is a dedicated Christian and uprising star born and raised in Vicksburg. He is using his gifts to fight adversity.

Life behind the camera. Photo provided by Christian Curtis

The importance of family

Christian Curtis is the son of Rebecca Curtis and former Vicksburg Police Sergeant, Tommy Curtis Jr.

His parents are the owners of  All Around Training. His sister is actress, De’Jonae Curtis. She and Curtis’ brother, Tommy Curtis III, also known as Treyo, are the owners of the local bakery, Dee’s Baby Cakes. Treyo is over the scores and sound for Curtis’ company. Curtis’ family has had a major impact on his success. Acknowledging his family and their Vicksburg roots is very important to Curtis.

A little fun behind the scenes. Photo provided by Christian Curtis

A history of Curtis’ many gifts and experiences

Curtis started off on YouTube with his sister De’Jonae where they accumulated success on that platform when he was only 15. His parents noticed that he had a special gift and began homeschooling him. They bought him a camera and began saving up to help him travel to Los Angeles. Curtis eventually traveled to Los Angeles, where he stayed for eight months, pursuing his passions for acting and film making.

Lights, Camera, Action! Photo provided by Christian Curtis

During his stay in Los Angeles, Curtis was able to secure a variety of roles, demonstrating his versatility as an actor. He worked on notable projects with SEGA – Sonic Hedgehog, Yogibo Bean Bags, Govee LED Lights, and the Worldwide Toy Company ZURU Mini Brands broadcast on popular networks like Hulu and Cartoon Network. A delightful anecdote: Curtis’ first professional role was a family affair, filmed in Beverly Hills, California. The family booked a global Father’s Day commercial with OLIPOP soda company & W&P, marking a significant milestone in Curtis’ career.

Mini brands for the win! Photo provided by Christian Curtis

Curtis has also worked with J-Cole and Prince EA on music videos. He modeled for the launch of Disney star Isaac Ryan Brown’s clothing line “THEEICOLLECTION.” Brown is known for his lead role on Disney Channel’s Raven’s Home. Later, Curtis worked with Disney star Jadah Marie on her music video. Marie had a role in the smash-hit show Julie and The Phantoms, as well as the movie Descendants 3 directed by Kenny Ortega. Aside from his thrilling acting experience, Curtis has also taken the runway. He walked at LA Fashion Week, modeling for Brighten Clothing at the Model Experience.

At the end of the day, the goal has always been to end adversity by bringing children closer to God through the arts. Photo provided by Christian Curtis

The most important thing to Curtis is using his creative gifts to fight peer pressure and bullying with God as the central focus

Creative photography is another avenue of interest Curtis enjoys. A man of many talents, he is a director, writer, and author too. “I’m currently launching my Christian-based production company to help kids grow closer to God through storytelling,” said Christian. Helping kids is extremely important to him. “Kids today deal with lots of things, like peer pressure and bullying. Sometimes kids feel like they do not have an outlet or are scared to talk about what they are facing on a daily basis. My desire is to help kids (and) grow closer to God, especially when dealing with adversity.”

Currently, Curtis is continuing his journey in the film and TV industry. He’s signed to Kreativ Artist Agency and ZURU. He has recently journeyed back to his home state, Mississippi and is shooting a pilot episode for a Christian-based series aimed at helping kids, teens, and families to see Jesus powerfully. Curtis is passionate about ending bullying and bringing God into the entertainment world.