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Circuit Clerk’s office adds $160,036 to Warren County’s general fund



Jan Daigre
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During Monday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, Warren County Circuit Clerk Jan Daigre presented a check for $160,036 for deposit into the county’s general fund.

The funds reflect overages from collected fees after Daigre’s salary, that of her staff and office expenses were paid in 2019. Circuit clerks are required by Mississippi law to reconcile the previous year’s accounting of their office by April 15 every year.

Daigre has held office since December 2014, after winning a special election. That election saw Daigre defeat interim clerk Greg Peltz whom the board had appointed following Shelly Palmertree’s removal from office for a number of improprieties including embezzlement.

To date, Daigre has deposited more than $600,000 into county coffers.

Her salary is currently set at $94,500 after the most recent raise approved by the Mississippi Legislature.

In addition to issuing marriage licenses, circuit clerks are tasked with receiving and filing all lawsuits, indictments and other related paperwork in civil and criminal cases filed in circuit or county court. They also issue all process materials including summons and subpoenas, and they draw and qualify jurors. Clerks serve as the point of registration for voters and political candidates in county elections. They work in conjunction with election commissioners and the secretary of state to ensure elections are properly conducted.

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