Circus on Ice came to Vicksburg and was a big hit for families


The Circus on Ice came to Vicksburg, MS on Sunday, Jan. 23. and was a big hit for families.

Upon entering the Vicksburg Auditorium, there were a variety of light up toys available for purchase. Children gathered around excitedly to pick their favorite wand or sword.

Employees of the circus were dressed in dark navy usher/usherette style clothing. They were painting the faces of small children who wanted to be turned into their favorite characters.

A balancing act was a highlight of the show

When the time came for the show to begin, an expressive clown emerged and started to get the crowd going. He would become a highlight of the show as eruptions of laughter emerged from the children in the audience.

A battle between two bears was a huge hit

Acts that were witnessed would include juggling, ice skating, tight rope walking, and a battle between two costumed bears that was especially thrilling for the children in the audience.

Custom photos were optionally taken of guests upon arrival and given out to families throughout the night. The cast was energetic and professional. Kids screamed the loudest when beloved characters like Elsa and Anna from Disney’s Frozen took the stage.

Anna and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen delighted children in the audience

When asked what the best part of the show was, one little girl said, “my favorite part of the show was when Elsa came out!” She had her face painted like her favorite Frozen queen. A little boy who was there stated, “I thought that circuses were gonna be stupid but now I think they’re awesome!” Another little girl said, “the best part of the show was when the bear was standing on his head.”

An acrobat thrills the crowd

Reactions from parents and children were very positive in nature. The Circus on Ice will now move on to perform at its next location.