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City files paperwork to close Jacques’



Jacques'. Photo by David Day

On Monday, just before 5 p.m., the City of Vicksburg filed a motion in Chancery Court to close Jacques’ “to prevent the suffering of immediate and irreparable injury and harm,” according to Assistant City Attorney and City Prosecutor Monica Allen.


A window at the Convention Center was damaged after a shootout in the parking lot of Jacques’, according to police. Photo by David Day

On July 10, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted to require Jacques’ and their landlord, the Mulberry, to provide a Memorandum of Understanding ensuring public safety following what one observer called a shootout in Jacques’ parking lot. A stray bullet from the incident hit the Convention Center. According to City Attorney Allen, The Mulberry complied and provided the Memorandum, but Jacques’ did not.

“The City filed a petition for ex parte temporary restraining order, preliminary and permanent injunctive relief, and to abate a public nuisance and or any other relief the court may deem necessary,” said Allen.

Here’s the legal stuff

Allen cited statutory law, Mississippi Code Section 95-3-5 which states:

Whenever a nuisance exists, the attorney-general of the state, the district attorney of the district, the county attorney, or any person who is a citizen of the county, may bring an action in equity in the name of the State of Mississippi, upon the relation of such attorney general, district attorney, or county attorney, or person to abate such nuisance and to perpetually enjoin the person or persons maintaining the same from further maintenance thereof.

Sec 95-3-7, was also noted:

Such action shall be brought in the chancery court of the county in which the property is located, by a verified bill of complaint, stating the facts constituting the nuisance, the names of the parties, the object of the action, a substantial description of the place constituting the alleged nuisance, and a general description of the personal property used in connection therewith. The bill of complaint may contain an application for a temporary injunction, and where such application has been made, the chancery court, the chancellor in vacation, any judge of the circuit court, or a judge of the supreme court, may in his discretion, on good cause shown, on motion of the complainant, issue an ex parte restraining order restraining the defendants and all other persons from removing or in any manner interfering with the personal property and contents of the place where such nuisance is alleged to exist, until the decision of the court granting or refusing such temporary injunction, and until the further order of the court thereon. The restraining order may be served by handing to and leaving a copy of said order with any person in charge of said place or residing therein, or by posting a copy thereof in a conspicuous place at or upon one or more of the principal doors or entrances to such place, or by both such delivery and posting. The officer serving such restraining order shall forthwith make and return into court an inventory of the personal property and contents situated in and used in conducting or maintaining such nuisance. When such restraining order is so posted, mutilation or removal thereof, while the same remains in force, shall be a contempt of court, provided such posted order contains thereon a notice to that effect.


 Police inspect the scene of a shootout on July 5 in the parking lot of Jacques’. Photo by David Day

550 pages of filing

The filing was 550 pages, according to Allen. The filing was against Jay Parmegiani, Kara Parmegiani, the Refined South Restaurant Group, LLC (owned by Parmegiani), and Bellamare Development, LLC, which owns The Mulberry. Jacques’ moved into the former Landshark Grill in November 2022.

On May 6, four security guards with Jacques’ were shot in the parking lot. In the early morning of July 5, a couple of hours after the fireworks display, over 100 shots rang out in the parking lot of Jacques’. One of those shots hit a window at the Convention Center prompting a strong response from the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.

No comment

The Vicksburg Daily News reached out to Jay and Kara Parmegiani along with Jacques’ manager Angela Neilson. Kara Parmegiani stated that their attorney has advised them not to comment.

The filing can be viewed below.

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