The City of Vicksburg is fixing up the Junior Auxiliary Park play area at the Catfish Row Art Park along with the Splash Pad and South Parking Garage.

In a phone call with the Vicksburg Daily News, Ward Two Alderman Alex Monsour said the play area built by the Junior Auxillary of Vicksburg would be fixed back up. Also, needed repairs will be made to the Splash Pad. Monsour said, “We won’t have to shut down the Splash Pad or play area other than when they are working on that area for that day or two. But it will always be open except when they are actually doing the repairs.”

south garage
South garage is crumbling. Photo by David Day

The South Parking Garage will also be repaired and shut down. “Both garages need work, but we are going to fix the South one first so it will be ready for the Miss Mississippi Contest in June,” explained Monsour.

Monsour is the Ward Two Alderman and won the then South Ward seat by less than 10 votes in 2017. Monsour won with a slim margin in 2021 and the primary election for his seat is less than a year away in April of 2025.