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City is considering a mask mandate



Mayor George Flaggs
Mayor George Flaggs, Jr. (Courtesy of the City of Vicksburg).

At Tuesday morning’s meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, Mayor Flaggs addressed his recent bout with COVID-19 and the city employee mask mandate.

“Let me make something emphatically clear,” began a passionate Mayor Flaggs. “I’ve read the CDC guidelines. I know the CDC guidelines and I would never break the CDC guidelines. I did what I should have done. Let’s make that clear Facebook people. We did, since then, have to issue a civil emergency order for employees and we’re looking at whether or not we need to expand it to the public wearing masks on the inside. [I] don’t know yet, we’re going to continue to monitor the numbers. I have consistently talked to the experts and I want to continue to talk to them.”

The Mayor went on to address his personal experience with not taking the vaccine and becoming infected, “I apologize to anybody that was hurt by the fact that I didn’t take the vaccine. I had every intention to… I always say you ought to lead by example and I did not do it to the extent that I probably should have taken it a lot earlier. I do highly recommend based on what I’ve been through that if you can, by all means take the vaccine.”

COVID-19 infections are skyrocketing in Mississippi as the Delta variant is spreading. Several communities are currently considering mask mandates. While a wide demographic of people, including the vaccinated, are being infected with the virus, the most serious cases requiring hospitalization are among those who are not vaccinated from the virus.


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