City Orders Business To Take Down American Flag


Camping World and Gander Outdoors in Statesville, North Carolina have been asked to lower their flag.

The City of Statesville has filed an injunction.  It asks the company to remove a 40-foot-by-80-foot flag, which is prohibited under city ordinances.  “Please know that it is our job to protect our citizens and the businesses that call the City of Statesville home,” the statement reads. “We take our laws and ordinances very seriously. We only ask that the proper channels are followed. That is the first and necessary step to any potential change in code.”

The company has been fined $50 per day since October for violating the permit that was granted. Company leaders said they refuse to follow the ordinance. “Many cities like Statesville have requested that Camping World and Gander Outdoors take down their American Flags,” officials with Gander Outdoors said in a statement posted on Facebook “We Won’t Do It!!  Stand With Us!”