Claiborne County issues burn ban


Claiborne County has joined Warren and multiple other counties across the southern half of the state in a burn ban.

burn ban mississippi map

On Monday, the Claiborne County Board of Supervisors issued a statement via Facebook.

Claiborne County is under a mandatory Burn Ban!

A burn ban prohibits anyone and everyone from taking part in outdoor burning of any sort if there is a risk of a wildfire starting. The only exception for outdoor burning during a burn ban is if the flames and sparks are entirely enclosed, eliminating the risk of starting a fire. By reducing the risk of wildfires, burn bans protect our woodlands. When fires rage out of control, they can destroy many acres of forest, killing trees, shrubs, people, and animals. They may also spread to our communities, burning down homes, destroying personal property, and endangering the lives or citizens.