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Claiborne County jail to install central air in upper level for first time



claiborne county jail hvac
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Claiborne County Sheriff Edward Goods announced Thursday the installation of an HVAC system to heat and cool the upstairs of the county jail.

“The jail has never had central air in the upstairs section. Inmates and jailers were at the mercy of the weather for all these years: when it was cold outside, it was cold inside. When it was hot outside, it was very hot inside,” Sheriff Goods said. “Listen, we don’t believe jail should be like a country club, but it shouldn’t be like a torture chamber either. Confinement is the punishment, not unbearable temperatures.”

It is about more than comfort, the sheriff says. Circulating the air throughout the facility makes for a healthier, drier, and safer environment.

“A healthier more comfortable environment helps protect jailers, too, because comfortable inmates are more cooperative and content,” Sheriff Goods said.

The HVAC will be purchased and installed with $80,000 in state funding obtained with the assistance of Senator Albert Butler.

Senator Butler Sheriff Edward Goods HVAC county jail
District 36 Senator Albert Bulter and Claiborne County Sheriff Edward Goods (from Facebook).

“Senator Butler couldn’t have been more helpful. Both of us are committed to improving the lives of the people of Claiborne County, and Senator Butler fully understands that the State and the County must work together to solve some issues,” Sheriff Goods said. “He and I are committed to continuing to develop this State and Local partnership on future projects, too. Senator Butler’s help here was vital, and I can’t thank him enough.”

Goods says the new system should be installed and operational within a few weeks.

“We are in September now, so temperatures are beginning to cool down a little bit. It gives me a good feeling to know that the temperatures inside our jail will never go up to where they were in July and August, ever again,” Goods said.

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