Claiborne County’s victim assistance program secures significant funding boost


The Claiborne County Sheriff’s Department has expressed sincere gratitude to Ms. Liggans and Chief Sykes for their relentless work in procuring funding for their Victim Assistance Program. The financial boost secured for the program over the next two years is a substantial $198,785.30.

The Sheriff’s Department emphasized the potential impact of these funds on the VOCA (Victims of Crime Act) Program. They are confident that this funding will greatly benefit individuals affected by crime, supplying them with crucial support and assistance in their time of need.

The driving vision for this program, according to the Sheriff’s Department, has always been simple and heartfelt: to “take care of our own in their time of need.” The unwavering dedication of Ms. Liggans and Chief Sykes to this vision and their relentless commitment to serve their community have been fundamental in making this vision a reality.

The news of this funding success was officially noted in the Board’s minutes on July 17.