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Closing the schools was the right decision



warren county weather forecast

Closing the schools was the right decision. 100% the right decision.

The available information at the time said we were in for tornadoes, hail, and flash floods along with cats and dogs raining from the heavens. In fact, the storm produced several tornadoes in Louisiana and Mississippi, caused numerous injuries and killed two people.

We were, thankfully, once again, sparred from the worst of it.

John Elfer is the local point man for information on upcoming disasters and John does an insane amount of information-finding on a known threat. When the local leaders call him, he shares the most current information available. From there it is up to the individual group leader to make their decision using the information provided by several sources, including Elfer.

Kudos to the leaders for being leaders and putting their names on it, making the calls, and taking risks. Of course, there are the detractors who find fault in everything and make fun of those who lead. Those who make fun of such a hard decision have never, obviously, been deemed worthy of being in a leadership position. If they had, they would be working for compassion and understanding, or at the very least they’d remain quiet.

Bless their hearts.

The decision to close the schools is one that has been under scrutiny this year because of some admittedly questionable decisions made by the people in charge. Tommy Parker blasted them on social media and it still stings. Say what you will about Tommy Parker, but he upped the sphincter factor by 50% for local leaders.

Here is the harsh and graphic reality of the decision local leaders are making when they decide to close the schools. If you can’t handle harsh and graphic realities tap out now.

They are deciding that if a tornado is a reality and hits; which is best? To have a home destroyed with maybe 1 or 2 children in it or a school destroyed with hundreds of kids in it?

Consider this a dramatic pause.

Pray for your leaders, or send good vibes, and consider things that you may not have considered when it comes to making these hard decisions. They’re damned if they do and they’re damned if they don’t.



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