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Codey Wheelock achieves Scouts’ highest honor



codey wheelock
Codey Wheelock is honored and awarded Eagle Scout. (Photo by Tommy Parker)
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Surrounded by his family, friends and fellow Scouts, 17-year-old Codey Wheelock was bestowed with the Scout organization’s highest honor.

On Saturday afternoon, during a ceremony at Bovina United Methodist Church, Wheelock was awarded the highest achievement one can attain, the rank of Eagle Scout.

Wheelock, a junior at River City Early College, was required to earn a total of 21 merit badges to qualify for Eagle Scout. The review process can be quite lengthy and only four percent of Scouts ever earn this achievement. Wheelock is the first scout from Troop 104 to achieve this honor.

codey wheelock badge display

Codey Wheelock’s achievement showcase was on display, showcasing a life of accomplishments. (Photo by Tommy Parker)

During the ceremony, Codey Wheelock bestowed commemorative pins to his father, David Wheelock, and mother, Amber Wheelock.  He also bestowed similar honors on current Scout leader Justin White, his former leader Mike Rasch, and his Guidance Counselor from school Marion Richardson and took the opportunity to thank them all for their positive influence in his life.

Codey Wheelock Marion Richardson 

Codey Wheelock presents his mother, Amber Wheelock with a commemorative pin. (Photo by Tommy Parker)

codey wheelock david wheelock

Codey Wheelock presents his father, David Wheelock with a commemorative pin. (Photo by Tommy Parker)

Codey Wheelock Amber Wheelock

Codey Wheelock presents his Guidance Counselor, Marion Richardson, with a commemorative pin. Former Scout Leader (left) Mike Rasch and current Scout Leader Justin White (right) were also bestowed honors. (Photo by Tommy Parker)

Vicksburg Daily news is proud of Codey Wheelock and his high achievements and we would like to extend a personal congratulations!

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