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Coffee with...

Coffee with Jeff Storck




Why do we tell you all of this? Simple.  Jeff Storck is the district manager for Terminix and he’s joining our guest host Robyn Lea to discuss these incredibly destructive creatures because it’s the middle of swarm season and he’s got some things to tell you about what you may be facing. Normally, we would provide you with a simple introduction to the guest and elaborate a little on the subject matter of the interview, but this is no normal day.  According to many pest control technicians, this is one of the worst swarm seasons that they’ve ever seen. You should know that this interview was taped more than a month ago and there was no way for Jeff to know that the season would be as bad as it is. With that… get your learning cap on, grab your flashlight or your phone book, you’re gonna want one of them when you’re finished enjoying Coffee with Jeff Storck. [youtube][/youtube]]]]]> ]]>

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