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Community divided over solutions to curb COVID-19



Results of two simple polls published by the Vicksburg Daily News reveals a community deeply divided on issues of COVID-19.

The first poll was in response to Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs Jr. extension of the mask and social distancing ordinances as well as the enforcement of misdemeanor charges for individuals and businesses that are caught repeatedly violating the mask mandate.

We asked a simple yes/no question: “Do you approve of the Mayor’s mandates around COVID-19?”

Here are the results to date: 186 respondents said yes; 185 said no.

The second poll asked: “Do you plan to get vaccinated for COVID-19?”

We provided three choices: “Yes, absolutely”; “I want to, but I’m concerned about side effects”; and “No, I will not get the COVID-19 vaccine.”

As of Thursday morning, a total of 90 individuals selected “Yes,” and 37 selected “I want to,” showing a strong bias toward getting vaccinated. 93 said “No.”

Mississippi received its first batch of the Pfizer vaccine Monday and is in the process of distributing doses to hospitals to protect front-line health care workers. In a test with more than 43,000 participants, the vaccine proved to be about 95% effective, with very few side effects. This vaccine received emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration Dec. 11.

The FDA is expected to approve a second vaccine this week, increasing the numbers of doses available almost immediately.

Our polls should not be considered scientific proof as they were not conducted using accepted polling techniques. Both polls were presented online only, with safeguards to allow only one vote per IP address. 

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