Suspect Charged with Conspiracy to Murder

Suspect Charged with Conspiracy to Murder

Denetra Anderson, 24

Probably the last thing Keithan Ward ever saw was a dark Vicksburg roadway.

The Vicksburg Daily News first reported the story of 21-year-old Ward’s last minutes. In a highly viewed live video, Ward’s blue Nissan veered off the road in the 8400 block of Halls Ferry Road, just off of Nailor road. Most likely, Ward had passed out from the gunshot wounds that riddled his young body. Neighbors and rescue units responded quickly, but too much damage had been done. He died soon after at the hospital.

The scene at 8400 Halls Ferry Road last Friday night.

“Investigators have been working around the clock since last Friday night. This morning, based on that investigation, they have arrested 24-year-old Denetra Anderson of Fayette,” Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace said. “She has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder. The charges state she conspired with one or more individuals to set up the meeting point where Keithan Ward was shot.”

Justice Court Judge James Jefferson, after hearing the charges and gaining input from District Attorney Ricky Smith, decided not to grant bail for Anderson.

Sheriff Martin Pace

Sheriff Pace stated that this is an ongoing investigation and as such there would be no further information released at this time.