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Correctional officer from Vicksburg who lost her job to care for an inmates newborn needs your help



prison guard terminated
Baby Cayson offers his opinion. Photo by David Day

A Vicksburg woman was terminated from a Tallulah prison after agreeing to take in an inmate’s baby. The baby, Cayson, was born while the mother was in prison awaiting release.

terminated prison guard

Roberta Bell holds a waking baby Cayson. Photo by David Day

“I think it was drug charges,” said Bell when asked about the mother and why she was in jail. “She didn’t have anyone to take the baby and the last thing she wanted was for the baby to end up in CPS (Child Protective Services).”

Bell stated she believed the mother has served her time and was just waiting on DOC (Department of Corrections) to calculate her time and complete the paperwork so she can be released.

Mom chooses Bell

Bell explained, The mother, “…asked other inmates who could watch the baby for her and they pointed her to me. I’m a Christian woman. I believe in doing what’s right.”

Bell described the conversation, “You want to give me your baby? She said, I don’t want to give him to you but I need somebody to get him until I get out.” As the delivery date drew near, the mother told Bell she would need her information to give to the hospital. “I said no problem,” explained Bell. It was that exchange of personal information that caused Bell to lose her position.

Bell has been at the private prison facility in the employ of Security Management for almost two years and was shocked when they terminated her. “I was a good employee,” said Bell.

The company, Security Management, is a privately owned business that gets tax dollars to provide security at the prison for women. The letter of termination said:

You have been terminated for the following reason: #43 Employee/Inmate Relationship

terminated prison guard

The actual letter of Termination. Provided by Roberta Bell

The letter was signed by the HR director.

Cayson is healthy according to Bell. “When [the mother] gets out I want her to come here and stay with me. I can help her get on the right path. She will decide if she stays sober after she gets out. I’m here to help her if she does,” said Bell.

terminated prison guard

Roberta was fired for taking in Baby Cayson. Photo by David Day

You can help

A GoFundMe has been set up for Baby Cayson and Roberta Bell. At the time of this writing, the fund has exceeded the $5,000 goal and over 250 individual donations had put the fund at just over $9,000.

When asked how she will use the money, Bell said that in addition to meeting their day to day needs, she wanted to set up a business to help the women in the facility when they get out. “A safe and Godly place for them to go when they get out of prison where I can help them. So many of them go right back to that life because they have nowhere else to go. I feel like God is in this and is making moves to help me get that business going.”

Bell expressed a concern that she may need someone familiar with how to set up a non-profit and operate it legally. “I’m not a business person, but I know God will send the right person to me.”

prison guard terminated

Baby Cayson offers his opinion on the situation. Photo by David Day

I do some crazy stuff

“I do some crazy stuff. I do! I do some awkward stuff. You know, the things a Christian person do is not normal to a regular person,” said Bell.

You can help by donating to the GoFundMe. If you have clothing or other items, including professional services, please message the Vicksburg Daily News. We will forward the information to Roberta and Cayson.




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