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VWSD COVID-19 numbers on the rise in the classroom



covid in the classroom

The Mississippi Department of Health has reported COVID-19 numbers for some area schools as of Jan. 7.

Not all Vicksburg-Warren Schools have reported their numbers. Of the ones who have reported, Bowmar Avenue Elementary School has 27 students in quarantine due to exposure to COVID-19, the highest reported number of any school.

13 area schools, including Vicksburg Catholic Schools, have reported numbers for the week ending Jan. 7. The prior report on Dec. 17, 2021 had only six area schools reporting their numbers.

The Vicksburg Warren School District has kept a mask mandate in place for students.

A credible and well-placed source in the school district has reported this past week has been very bad for COVID-19 in the classroom. The source, who the Vicksburg Daily News will protect, said, “Teachers, nurses, secretaries and admins are spending so much of their day having to contact trace, check vaccination to see if they are still good and contacting parents.”

The source went on to say, “Schools have outbreaks of multiple classrooms.” They also mentioned the district allowed a tour group to come through while there were multiple classroom outbreaks.

District employees aren’t the only ones impacted. The Agape Montessori Center had only two children attend today due to COVID-19 outbreaks according to the parent of the two children.

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